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               DRIVES YOUR GROWTH

               In January 2018, we acquired Tiger Accessories Group (TAG), adding their products and brands to our growing
               portfolio. As we complete the final stages of the integration, we are pleased to add their extensive soft goods
               to our market-leading cleaning tools offering. The Blazer® branded auxiliary lighting products expand our
               lighting offering. And their market-leading trailer lighting products will be unified under our market-leading
               Hopkins Towing Solutions® brand, giving you a one-stop shop for all things towing electrical.
               This year's catalog is full of exciting new products, driven by our unique approach to INNOVATION. Our
               product development processes are rooted in deep consumer insights. We strive to step consumers up to
               better and best products. This focus accelerates comp growth for you, but these better products raise shopper
               satisfaction, which translates to higher loyalty to our brands and the customers who sell them. We call this
               strategy our virtuous cycle for growth.
               We know that VALUE is critical to your shoppers. That is why Hopkins® has developed a global manufacturing
               and supply chain system that balances the competing forces of best cost and responsiveness to demand
               changes. We believe this gives you the best overall value.

               As 2019 unfolds, we are excited to introduce a new, state of the art
               distribution center located near Kansas City. This is the largest
               investment we have made in our company's history and it   Consumer
               is squarely focused on driving higher levels of SERVICE   Experience
               to you!  We are making all of our products available      Insights         Products
               at this DC, so you can consolidate purchases across                           That Improve
               categories. That means cutting fewer POs, making it                              Consumer
               easier to earn pre-paid freight, and receiving fewer                              Satisfaction
               shipments. Your Hopkins® sales professional will be
               reaching out to you with details on timing over the   Increased
               coming months.                               Consumer
                                                            Loyalty to
               We appreciate you! And THANK YOU for your    Our Brands
               business! We look forward to being of service to   and Retail
               you and helping you grow your business!       Partners
                                                                        More Productive
                                                                       POG's That Deliver
                                                                         Retail Sales and
               Bradley T. Kraft                                           Margin Gains
               President & CEO
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