Hopkins Introduces New Brake Buddy® 3 Series

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Hopkins Names New Chief Human Resources Officer

Hopkins Celebrates 65 Years

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Brake Buddy Announces New Website

Hopkins Acquires Tiger Accessories Group

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Bell Automotive Recognized for Excellence

Hopkins Acquires Bell Automotive

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Hopkins Wins Innovation Award at AAPEX

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BrakeBuddy Brand Recognized As Industry's Best

Product Showcase Award at AAPEX 2013

Hopkins 60th Anniversary

Hopkins Acquires Mallory‏

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Hopkins Acquires TowDaddy‏

Hopkins Introduces FloTool Absorbent

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Hopkins Acquires F3 Brands

Hopkins Wins Prestigious Marketing Award

Hopkins Products and Brands

For more than six decades, we have been guided by a singular focus: to exceed customer expectations in everything we do. That mission begins with meeting our customers’ needs with tools that help you grow your businesses. The cornerstone of our strategy is product innovation.

We are proud to be a market leader in every product category we offer. If you’re a current customer, we thank you for your continued partnership. If you’re a new customer, we invite you to get to know us better. You’ll discover how we can help you grow your business, satisfy your customers, and achieve your goals.


Hopkins Towing Solutions

Making the Towing experience simpler and more rewarding through innovation and value.
The #1 brand in towing electrical products, Hopkins Towing Solutions has provided consumers with innovation, durability and performance for over 20 years. Visit our website or download our catalog for helpful charts, wiring codes, application guides and superior towing electrical products.

Snow & Ice Tools

World’s #1 Selling Winter Care Brand
For more than 30 years SubZero® brand snow & ice tools have been the pinnacle of performance. The wide blades on our ice scrapers clear away frost with ease and the powerful ice chippers break away the thickest ice of the season. Our snowbrushes and brooms are capable of pushing the wettest, deepest snow from your entire vehicle with little effort. Add a wide variety of winter accessory products and you can see how Subzero has become the world’s #1 seller of winter snow & ice tools.


The Leading Brand of Snow and Ice Tools
Canada and North America's leading vehicle squeegee brand. Mallory is recognized for quality, durability and lightweight solutions.

Everyday Vehicle Cleaning

Changing The Way Cleaning Tools Are Used By Understanding The Consumers
Need For Innovation, Design, Functionality And Quality

In addition, we have recently launched a full line of soft goods car care products with solution for washing, drying, detailing, applying, and polishing. Our focus has been and will continue to be on creating break-through ideas to build value for every one of our customers. These core ideas have laid the foundation for our growth and we are continually adding to this extensive list of innovations.
Here are just a few examples of our innovations; Suds n Go bucketless wash system, Compact Squeegee, Super Sudzer, Spotters chemical loaded tools, Quick Connect Power Nozzle, Instant On Fire Hose Nozzle, Quad Head All Side Brush and many more.

Bell Automotive

Enjoy Your Ride
Bell automotive was founded with the vision of bringing the Bell® brand into automotive with the strong protection and safety attributes developed from the heritage in motorcycle and safety helmets. Bell Automotive has applied this consumer recognized brand to extend the active lifestyle into automotive Steering Wheel Covers, Seat Covers, Interior Organizers, License Plate Frames, Tire Safety, Emergency Kits and other related accessories.

Fluid Handling
FloTool® offers the most comprehensive and highest quality offering of fluid handling products. The growth of the fluid handling category has been driven through innovative, no-mess product solutions that turn basic funnel and spouts into higher value, consumer preferred products. Whether you’re changing your oil, topping off the antifreeze or checking all your automotive fluid levels, FloTool has the right application. No brand offers more “just-right” fluid handling product than FloTool.

Fuel Filter Funnel - Your Tool For Pure Fuel

The FloTool Fuel Filter Funnel removes water, dirt and debris from gasoline, diesel, heating oil, kerosene and 2-cycle mixed gas

Vehicle Organizers
For all of us who are constantly on the go, staying organized turns out to be very difficult. Go Gear™ vehicle organizers are designed as an innovative and high quality line of storage and organization solutions to help you manage your clutter. Whether it’s locating a spot to hold your mobile phone or keeping bags of groceries from rolling around in the trunk, we provide the right solution. Keep Your Mobile Life Organized™


The Premium Accessory Market Leader
The AutoSpa brand complements all premium chemicals, and brings innovation that elevate the cleaning experience. Products include mitts, sponges, drying and detailing towels, premium tools, and power accessories.

DUO 2-in-1 Auto Air Fresheners™

The Smarter and Fresher Choice™
DUO breathes new life into the air care category with a clear message of odor elimination. Combining a patented odor elimination technology and fresh natural fragrances, we bring a smarter and fresher experience to air care. DUO’s  2-in-1 air care products are available in a wide range of popular air freshener formats, each with a fresh and modern appearance complemented with the most popular fragrances infused with essential oils. Vent Sticks attach easily to vents for a slower time release of fragrance;  Vent Clips attach easily to the vents with fully adjustable fragrance control, Paper air fresheners hang from the mirror or slip under the seat and our Gel pack with adjustable vent controls fits inside pockets and cup holders.

Juice Booster Cables

Juice Performance, a new line of booster cables that incorporate Cinch-Lock™ Technology to make jump-starting your vehicle safer and easier.
Instead of having a spring loaded clamp that has a limited bite strength our clamps ratchet, or “Cinch” down as tight as needed to any battery terminal. These Cinch-Lock™ clamps also come equipped with a quick release button for easy removal. Juice Performance has also added the SafeGuard™ booster cable set which automatically detects the polarity of a battery terminal, meaning you can attach any clamp to any post without risk of crossing the electrical polarity.

Driver Awareness Solutions™
nVISION™ offers a wide range of driver awareness solutions that help with visibility, warning, and detection. All nVISION™ products are high-quality, affordable and easy to install, making them the perfect choice for consumers. Innovation is the driving force for nVISION™, helping to keep consumers safe and secure while behind the wheel. Please check out our latest innovative products, including Tire Pressuring Monitoring System and RearView Camera System with SmartZone™ Technology.

Pacific Coast™

Pacific Coast offers specialty products for dusting and drying all vehicle types. West Coast branded industry leading innovations such as car dusters, interior dusters, synthetic drying, and drying blades.


It’s better to be safe.
Motorhome brakes were not designed to stop the added weight of a towed vehicle. RV'ers towing a vehicle need BrakeBuddy, the best selling auxiliary braking system that shortens the overall stopping distance and keeps them legal with all North American towing laws.

Vortex - High Performance Mud Guards™

The Vortex Breakthrough
Patented aerodynamic design allows air and moisture to travel through the mud guard.
The design deflects the air flow to keep moisture and debris away from the body.

2x4 Basics®

"AnySize" Solutions™
Using 2x4 lumber and our kits, you can create organization and furniture solutions to the exact size you want. We make it easy by eliminating mitering and joinery ... only straight cuts are needed ... and the kit does the rest!  Garage solutions include work benches, shelving and hanging organizers. Outdoor solutions include benches, tables, chairs, firewood racks and shed kits.