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                                         INSPIRED BY

                                  YOUR SHOPPERS

              Hopkins® continues to successfully enhance the     We collaborate with world renowned fragrance
              shopper experience of auto air fresheners with     companies to formulate fresh, long lasting aromas
              innovative products, designed to eliminate unwanted   combined with our advanced patented odor
              odors and refresh the interior with a clean, crisp aroma.   elimination technology to create premium air
                                                                 fresheners, blended with essential oils to provide a
              Consumers are searching for the most effective means
                                                                 warm, fresh scent for your customers.
              to get rid of lingering unwanted smells, hiding in the
              nooks and crannies. Our insights guided us to develop   Hopkins® air care assortment will raise the full
              effective solutions with a wide variety of unique   potential of your automotive air care set with
              formats with best in class fragrances.             innovative, attractive products delivering superior
                                                                 auto air freshener for their everyday mobile

                      Riveting Brands to Meet Your Customer Needs


                                                                         2 - i n - 1  A U T O  AIR  FRESHENER

                       ARM & HAMMER          ™                              DUO 2-IN-1 AUTO
                   CAR AIR FRESHENERS                                       AIR FRESHENERS          ™

                 •  An iconic brand offering choices             THE SMARTER AND FRESHER CHOICE™
                  for everyday needs
                                                                 •  Two part system working in unison
                 •  Familiar and proven
                                                                 •  A patented and innovative solution
                 •  Powerfully clean, naturally fresh™             to odor elimination
                                                                 •  Ground breaking function and design


                        ARM & HAMMER, the ARM & HAMMER Logo and the distinctive orange trade dress are trademarks of
    4                   Church & Dwight Co., Inc., and are used under license by Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation.
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