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               DRIVES YOUR GROWTH

               As we turn the page to a new decade, there are some things that remain constant. For us, that includes our
               passion to create innovative products that don’t just offer new features, but aimed at improving the overall
               consumer experience. We think of this as a part of our secret sauce at Hopkins. Our focus is on driving
               INNOVATION across our growing family of recognized brands and products. Our goal is to drive higher
               consumer satisfaction.
               Given our market leading positions in our product categories, we mine big data CATEGORY MANAGEMENT
               insights that uncover incremental growth potential for our partners. Optimizing assortments, merchandising,
               retail pricing and promotion result in planograms that fuel comp growth and profitability. We refer to our
               category insights as Prophet™ where these insights have been translated into a track record that is second
               to none.
               We know that satisfying consumers is the key to driving repeat business and LOYALTY to our brands and
               our partners who stock them. This is the first step in an unfolding process at Hopkins that drives a continual
               cycle of growth.

               We continue to drive SIMPLICITY through our state of the art
               distribution center in Edgerton, KS. It is centrally located in
               the US and brings together all of our products under one   Consumer
               roof. This creates opportunities to simplify ordering,   Experience
               shipping and receiving. Combined with our sales and       Insights         Products
               customer service teams, it’s a unique promise that                            That Improve
               Hopkins can make … to make your work life easier                                 Consumer
               and simpler while bringing you recognized brands                                  Satisfaction
               and innovative products that deliver satisfaction
               through innovation and value.                Increased
               We appreciate you. And your business. we invite   Loyalty to
               both our existing customers and those new to us   Our Brands
               to reach out to us to learn how we can help drive   and Retail
               your growth in this new decade!               Partners
                                                                        More Productive
                                                                       POG's That Deliver
                                                                         Retail Sales and
                                                                          Margin Gains
               Bradley T. Kraft
               President & CEO
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