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               DRIVES YOUR GROWTH

               More than a slogan, these words capture the passion our teams have for our business.  Fueling our
               INNOVATION are marketing and engineering teams who are focused on their respective categories.
               Their 24/7/365 focus leads to deeper insights that we use to guide our product development.  Our goal
               is not to develop new products, but to change the consumers' experience and raise their total satisfaction.
               So we pay attention to every detail, following the purchase triggers through the experience, through the
               product use which can include installation, use and storage.  We aim to address every pinch point the
               consumer experiences.  The higher levels of satisfaction translates into loyalty to our brands and the retailers
               who carry them when the consumers have another need in that category.

               Our market leading positions provide us with vast data, which we mine for insights with state of the art
               CATEGORY MANAGEMENT approaches.  Our passion extends to constantly uncovering opportunities to drive
               incremental growth, optimizing assortments, leveraging packaging and merchandising systems that encourage
               step-up sales that drive comp growth, and pricing and promotion strategies that strategically lift sales and
               profits.  We call these category management analytics Prophet™ … where we turn insights into growth.

               Our focus on end-users is matched by our focus on satisfying you,
               our customers.  Our seasoned customer service and sales teams
               are committed to aligning the organization to drive your
               satisfaction.  This extends to our state of the art distribution   Consumer
               center in Edgerton, KS.  This facility is centrally located   Experience
               and brings all of our products under a single roof.  This   Insights       Products
               drives EFFICIENCY for you, helping you consolidate                            That Improve
               ordering across many product lines.  This means                                  Consumer
               fewer orders for you, fewer shipments to track and                                Satisfaction
               fewer shipments to receive.
               We appreciate you.  And we appreciate your   Consumer
               business.  We hope this catalog helps you uncover   Loyalty to
               new ways to grow in the future.  We look forward   Our Brands
               to hearing from you.  We will be ready…      and Retail
               because what drives us, drives your growth!   Partners
                                                                        More Productive         Insights
                                                                        POGs That Deliver

                                                                         Retail Sales and
                                                                          Margin Gains

               Bradley T. Kraft
               President & CEO
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