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             Patented Odor Elimination Technology and Fragrances
             Infused with Essential Oils

              AMERICANA         BLACK SEA         CABANA           CLEAN           GARDEN           ISLAND
                BREEZE        A fusion of amber and   BREEZE        BURST  ™        BLOOM           BREEZE
             Lush scents of green   vanilla for a sweet   Colorful blends of   Nature's garden   A delicate blend of   Charming blends of
             meadows and rolling   yet salty oceanic   coconut, peony and   with hints of   fresh cut rose, lily   floral notes, coconut

              hills with hints of   fragrance with a hint   jasmine create an   jasmine and lilac  and gardenia  and hints of sea salt

               summer florals   of citrus, ozone and   aroma of lush              mingled with sheer
                                  dark musk      coastal florals                    musky accord

             ISLAND REEF          LEMON          MIDNIGHT         MORNING         NEW CAR          PARADISE
             Refreshing fusion of   GRASS       Intoxicating fusion   MIST       Reviving freshness   A gateway to an
             patchouli with a hint   Spunky lemon and   of musk, patchouli   Top notes of pear,   with sandalwood   ocean breeze
            of cucumber freshness  rose musk, hints   and sage   green melon and    and lemon
              infused with white   of orange and                  mandarin, with

               floral heart and   vanilla. A beautiful            jasmine and floral

               summer moss      herbal fragrance                    aromas

                SEASIDE          SONORA         SPRINGTIME         SUMMER          SUNRISE           TAHITI
                 FRESH         Sweet floral desert   Fresh outdoor   ESCAPE       Awake your senses   ORCHID

              Outdoor freshness   scent of cactus   aromas of   A calming blend of   with a synergy of   Rich floral island
              with lemons, pines   blooms, a Southwest   meadows and pine  lavender, violet, sage   aromas featuring   aromas, jasmine
              and pure scents of   favorite!                    and spring blossoms,  sea salt, jasmine and   and rose pedals
               violets and rose                                  alluring cashmere,   white musk
                                                                 wood and vanilla
     AUTOMOTIVE AIR CARE              pineapple, mango   aromatic cedar leaf,   WATER LILY

                                                                          Fresh, lightly
                                                        Woodsy pine with
                                       An oasis of fresh
                                                                          sweet with a
                                                                          hint of lemon
                                        and coconut
                                                        natural fir needle

                                                       and sweet jasmine
                 These items are manufactured, marketed and distributed by Hopkins Manufacturing
   18            Corporation.  The ARM & HAMMER ™  and Clean Burst trademarks are owned by Church &
                 Dwight Co., Inc., and are used by Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation under license.  800-524-1458
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